Vertex Math Club

Physics and Science

 Why do we need to study science?

Understand the world around people and their role in that world. Understand the role of Science plays in our society. Develop skills of planning and conducting investigations, gathering information, teamwork and evaluating their findings. Knowledge in this subject also enables you to understand many other subjects better. Learning the basics of how certain devices work can help students develop ideas of own and invent new technology. 

This course is designed to serve a variety of needs and interests for students. The contents of this course are based upon both state and national standards. Students will find the content to be concise and focused on the major concepts of the discipline. Three core units of course are Physical Science, Life Science, Earth and Space Science. Each lesson include the deep background information and specific activity including the quizzes, puzzles and experiments. In addition, this course encourage the students to solve  different math and scientific problems through logical thinking and analytical skills.   


 In our classes we use book written by  Yakov Isidorovich Perelman "Physics for Entertainment". 

Perelman was born in 1882 in the town of Białystok, Congress Poland. He obtained the Diploma in Forestry from the Imperial Forestry Institute (Now Saint Petersburg State Forest Technical University) in Saint Petersburg, in 1909. The scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky thought highly of Perelman's talents and creative genius, writing of him in the preface of Interplanetary Journeys: "The author has long been known by his popular, witty and quite scientific works on physics, astronomy and mathematics, which are, moreover written in a marvelous language and are very readable."

 Physics Synopsis Example: