Vertex Math Club

Computer Coding - Scratch

 Computer programming club for children where they will learn a fun graphical coding language called Scratch that was developed at MIT.

Using this language children will work on projects creating their own animations, live post cards, and computer games. It is a very fun way to learn computers and some topics from math (like Cartesian coordinate system), logic, and algorithmic thinking, all while nurturing kids' creativity.

We plan for each student to complete their own computer game project similar to the one below:

No prior coding or programming experience is necessary. 

For each session each student will need to bring:

1. Laptop - WiFi enabled. Please, make sure that you can Create a project at the Scratch web site in your browser on your device. For that, Flash player must be installed and enabled. Typically, tablets or phones do not work well for that purpose.
2. Charger for the laptop.
3. Mouse - for better ergonomics relative to touch pad.