Vertex Math Club

Mathematics & Logic


    Vertex Math Club was established for Kindergarten through 8th Grade students interested in mathematics and eager to learn beyond school curriculum. The lessons are taught in English. The program focuses on improving problem solving skills, preparing students for a variety of contests and competitions.

Our goals are to have our children be clever in math; learn how to solve math problems in an unconventional way; and lead the school math team. 

We build the foundation for arithmetic, basic combinatorics, geometry, abstract thinking, and matrix analysis. We engage students in problem solving and to learn effective problem solving strategies.The teaching techniques are based on a deep understanding of concepts vs memorization. Our curriculum includes logic games, which sparks a child's interest and instills the young minds with love of mathematics.    

We emphasize topics that encourage mathematical inquiry and develop logical and problem-solving abilities.   

Types of lessons:  

    1. Mathematics - based on school curriculum, but enhanced with gumptious questions;

    2. Logic - includes foundation for geometry, combinatorics, matrix analysis and other extracurricular topics ; additionally, some studies are dedicated to preparation for various competitions;
     3. Geometry - 8th graders would learn introduction to Euclidean geometry;

Examples of Lessons in Kindergarten

For next problems fill in your own venn diagrams. 


In a class of 10 students, 6 take Chorus, 5 take Band, and 2 take both Chorus and Band.  

How many students in the class are not enrolled in either Chorus or Band? 

     A: ________________

Examples of Lessons in 1st Grade

Examples of Lessons in 3rd Grade

Examples of Lessons in 4th Grade

 Graph Theory. Euler's idea 

A graph is a collection of points (called nodes) and lines (called edges) connecting them.  

The examples of graphs are below


Examples of Logic Lessons in 5th Grade


Graph Theory. 7 Bridges of Konigsberg. Euler's circuit 

What is a Chromatic Number for the following graphs?


Examples of Lessons in 6th Grade

Examples of Lessons in 7th Grade

Examples of Lessons in 8th Grade